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PVC Waterstop

High Quality P.V.C. Waterstops

The wide range of P.V.C waterstops are designed to provide an integral sealing system for movement and construction joints
in concrete cast in-situ. These joints typically occur in the following types of structure.
CAPCO Waterseal® shapes and dimensions pass the requirements of DIN 18541 part 1 and 2.

Typical Applications
For Construction and Expansion Joints, all Types of Joints in Transitions, Connections and Special Applications.

NumModelThickness (mm)Head of Water (m)
1Waterseal D1502.58
2Waterseal D1702.510
3Waterseal D1902.516
4Waterseal D240423
5Waterseal D300550
6Waterseal D300860
7Waterseal D320555
8Waterseal D400870
NumModelThickness (mm)Head of Water (m)
1Waterseal A1502.57.6
2Waterseal A1702.510
3Waterseal A1902.516
4Waterseal A2403.523
5Waterseal A300445
6Waterseal A3204.550
NumModelThickness (mm)Head of Water (m)
1Waterseal DA 240423
2Waterseal DA 300460
3Waterseal DA 500480
NumModelThickness (mm)Head of Water (m)
1Waterseal AA 240423
2Waterseal AA 300450
3Waterseal AA 500480