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Chemical Construction

NumName of productsCategoryDescriptionDownload
1Tilex® V2adhesivePolymer-Modified, One Component,
  High Performance, Waterproof Tile Adhesive
2Tilex® V100adhesiveTile Adhesive for Use in Porous surfacesDL-detail
3Tilex® H100adhesiveSurface Hardening Powder for Fresh Concrete FloorsDL-detail
4Tilex® P10adhesiveHigh Performance Premixed White Paste Tile AdhesiveDL-detail
5Capcobond® PVAbondingMulti-purpose PVA adhesive, sealer and cement admixtureDL-detail
6Capcobond® MO40bondingA Primer for Masonry Surfaces, Bonding Additive and
  Waterproof Cement Based Mixtures
7Capcobond®121bondingA Primer for Masonry Surfaces and Bonding Additive Cement
  Based Mixtures
8Resincoat®coatingFlexible acrylic polymer modified protective & decorative
  coating for concrete & masonry
9Fibercap® 12fiberHigh performance polypropylene fibreDL-detail
10Capgrout® GPgroutsExpanding Cementitious Construction GroutDL-detail
11Capgrout® HPgroutsHigh Strength, Non-Shrink Cementitious Construction GroutDL-detail
12Capgrout® FPgroutsExpanding Cementitious Construction Fiber GroutDL-detail
13Betonex®groutsPlasticized Expanding Grout and Mortar AdmixtureDL-detail
14Hardfloor®hardnerSurface Hardening Powder for Fresh Concrete FloorsDL-detail
15Densicoat®hardnerConcrete Surface Liquid Hardener & DensifierDL-detail
16Softcoat®repairShrinkage Compensated, Fibre Reinforced, Repair Mortar SystemDL-detail
17Softcoat® RPrepairShrinkage Compensated, Fibre Reinforced, Repair Mortar SystemDL-detail
18Softcoat® APrepairTwo Component, Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproof Repair
19Capcobond® ARrepair bondingAcrylic Emulsion Bonding Agent for Concrete RepairsDL-detail
20Powdercoat®waterproofingCrystalline capillary waterproofing for concrete substratesDL-detail
21Watercut®waterproofingRapid setting cement based, water-stopping mortarDL-detail
22Silcoat® WwaterproofingNon-Film Forming Water Repellent SealerDL-detail